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Ketone Ultra is a dietary supplement that contains Raspberry Ketones.

This quality product does not only burn fat effectively, it also shrinks fat cells and suppresses your appetite. It’s currently one of the best-selling weight loss products on the market and is now exclusively available for TargetClick affiliates to promote!


Earnings Potential
Commission Rate Up to 40%
Max Commission $78.00
Min Commission $24.00
Avg Commission $42.00


Additional Information
Demographic Age 20 – 35
Return Rate Less than 2%
Gender Split 60% Female
Shipping World Wide


Ketone Ultra is an all-natural fat burner with Antioxidants that helps you to speed up your metabolism and as a result lose weight. The product consists of 5 powerful ingredients. The main ingredient is Raspberry Ketones which were featured on the Dr. OZ show who described them as a “miracle fat burner”. Other ingredients are Acai berry, Blueberry, Green Tea Extract and Pomegranate.

This well researched product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, real testimonials, media coverage and clinical studies to back up the claims that it really is one of the best the weight management products that everyone’s been waiting for.

Doctors have always said that you need to exercise regularly and stick to a calorie restricted diet when you want to lose weight efficiently. Ketone Ultra does supresses the appetite and is ideal for doing exactly what doctors recommend in order to lose weight in a healthy way!

Dietary supplements like Raspberry Ketones are very popular amongst dieters because they help them achieve visible results within a shorter period of time!

Why should you promote Ultra Ketone?

It’s simple because this market is huge and has lots of potential, especially if you check the search volume for Raspberry Ketone search terms. Ketone Ultra is a quality product that is just exclusive to TargetClick affiliates and is the ideal program for any affiliate operating in the weight loss niche or wishing to break into it.

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