SecureaPay is a shopping cart and sales funnel system that is fully integrated with Target Click. Their secure checkouts provide our merchants and affiliates with peace of mind that transactions are being processed reliably.

Automated affiliate tracking, fraud prevention, and flexible storefront customization helps ensure that campaigns run smoothly for everyone involved. We are able to provide our affiliates with greater insight into what traffic is converting, and how it is interacting with the sales pages.

React CRM helps us provide support services for our advertisers, with extra benefits for our publishers. They ensure that merchants are managing their customers’ orders successfully, and that affiliate data is tracked from multiple sides.

By integrating Target Click with React, we have achieved been able to provide greater transparency, and security. With high performing checkouts, our publishers and advertisers benefit with increases to EPC.

React Email helps us improve the effectiveness of our email marketing affiliates and their outbound marketing campaigns. With React Email, they are able to increase deliverability, while adding tools for list automation.

Merchants are able to achieve higher conversions, while providing automatic suppression lists for marketers.