The New Gynexin Landing Page is Here

We’re starting to pick up steam as we go through the offers at Target Click and upgrade them. We’re starting off with Gynexin, and releasing a new landing page. This lander has already seen an increase in conversion rates for affiliates that have begun sending traffic. It uses the latest responsive checkout to get more sales from mobile and tablet users.


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What can an affiliate earn with these pages?

Affiliates earn a big 40% commission on sales of Gynexin. As a premium product with higher pricing, your commissions will be getting a boost! The updated checkout includes dynamic upsells to boost your order price as well.


Why the move to the single page?

We have found that its been a more fluid experience for referral traffic that are eager to buy. Direct response campaigns have also seen a jump in conversions with the simplicity of the single page layout. We get right to the point, and speed customers along to the checkout, reducing the number of clicks it takes them to complete their transaction.


What other changes are anticipated?

This landing page is just the start. We are accepting requests for translations, and we will be releasing other variations for affiliates to choose from as well.


We have some updated banners for Gynexin too!



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