We are excited to be super charging Target Click to make it better than ever. As part of our efforts to grow and improve how our VIP affiliates want, please take the time to answer a few questions. We have a long list of merchants that are applying to join the network, and we want to ensure that we bring on the products and offers that you want to promote!

We have developed partnerships throughout the industry that are upgrading all merchant sites to higher quality storefronts, better converting offers. Many of the merchants that we are bringing on board can handle nearly unlimited traffic, so once you find a converting mechanism, you can scale without concern of them not being able to cover your sales. Target Click will continue to be a leader in niche offers, while expanding into some more mainstream ones as well.

We have made some updates to the technology behind Target Click, and have many more on the way. The most recent one was adding support for POSTBACK of completed sale data, so that you can have conversion amounts and sales tracked directly on your servers / system.

We’re really excited with where things are going, and we hope you are ready for more from us soon!