The Hangover Antidote Has Arrived

The hangover cure has arrived, and its exclusively at Target Click! I know, I know… there is no way this can actually exist. You’re thinking that you would have heard about it already if it did. Well, you’re hearing about it now, and this is your opportunity to get on board just as it is starting to gain recognition. Customers have been ecstatic with the results, and this product boasts a 0% return rate.


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What can an affiliate earn?

Affiliates are able to earn up to 35% of the sale price, with order prices starting at $52.99 USD. CPA can be made available on request. Larger packages have added incentives for people to upgrade to a higher price point. Currently the supplement NAC is added to packages of 3 or 5.


What makes this supplement different?

DHM (Dihydromyricetin) has been published about in Psychology Today, Wired and others as the ‘hangover antidote’ and the ‘hangover cure’. This unique substance is absent from nearly every hangover supplement on the market today. Party Night combines this with other proven hangover remedies to create a powerful blend that goes to work in stabilizing your body before the negative effects have a chance to slow you down.



How do people get hangovers?

Really? Hangovers are nothing new, they have been around since humans started making and consuming alcohol over 12000 years ago! That’s much longer than your or I can remember, especially after a night of partying. We all love to have a fun night, but no one likes to pay for it the following day. This is where Party Night comes in to full effect. Go out for a night of partying (maybe at an Affiliate Summit), and be recovered to get back to work, or hit the pool the next day.

Whether its for pleasure or business, the end result is the same, less time feeling like crap after having a fun night of partying.


We have plenty of banners available, and custom sizes can be made upon request.


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