Turn Into A BEAST with Pri-Male

Pri-Male is a premium male enhancement product that covers all the bases to take men to peak performance anywhere and everywhere. The unique blend of herbal ingredients helps men unleash their potential with this brand new formula.


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What can an affiliate earn?

Affiliates are able to earn up to 35% of the sale price, with order prices starting at $49.99 USD. CPA and custom offer pricing can be made available on request. Larger packages have added incentives for people to upgrade to a higher price point. Currently the supplement L-Arginine is added to packages of 3 or 5.


What makes this supplement different?

Xanthoparmelia contains natural pde5 inhibitors, performing the same function as pharmaceutical ED pills. Each ingredient in Pri-Male has been meticulously researched, and combines ancient remedies with modern science.

By inhibiting PDE-5, blood vessels in your muscles will relax and vasodilate. This means that they are ready to expand to take an increased blood volume. Nitric Oxide helps provide a surge of blood into your muscles. With a greater supply of blood and nutrients, people receive more oxygen and better recovery


What causes poor performance?

There are a ton of reasons, and usually a cause of several factors that impact male performance including psychological, physical and emotional reasons. Some of these can be improved with proper supplementation, diet, and exercise. Pri-Male focuses on improving physical and libido problem, helping to provide confidence that helps men overcome other issues they may be experiencing.


We have plenty of banners available, and custom sizes can be made upon request.


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