To build a successful affiliate program for your business, you need a good affiliate tracking software that is designed to track every aspect of your affiliate program. Choosing the right affiliate tracking software is not that easy, as there are lots of tracking software providers on the market – Hasoffers, Post Affiliate Pro, iDevAffiliate, OSIAffiliate, ClickInc etc –  and you can simply get lost while choosing the right one for yourself.

The best rule to follow is to find the program that will cover all your affiliate business needs, and keep your expense at the minimum at the same time. When you take a look at several affiliate program software online, you will know that the cost of those services are often quite expensive. However, each of the pricing plan usually depends on the number of features that you are going to use, meaning that the more features you get from the service, the higher is the price.


SaaS Vs Self Hosted

Some affiliate program software will not only provide tracking services for your affiliate business, but they will also provide tools for managing your affiliate business as well as promoting it. Some programs also offer different types of pricing, the one being a monthly pricing plan, and the other being one-time pricing plan. Monthly pricing plan means that you will lease the software as Software as a Service (SaaS), which means that you don’t need to install the actual program into your server. On the other hand, one-time pricing often means that you are buying the license of the software, which grants you the rights to install it on your own server.


Easy Customization Option

When it comes to using the right affiliate management program for your business, you don’t want to use the software that is rigid and difficult to customize. Branding is always important for your business, since it will inspire trust in the minds of your customers. Thus, you want to inspire the same trust in the minds of your affiliates by rebranding your dashboard. A good affiliate tracking software will allow you to customize your dashboard and rebrand the logo freely and easily.


Detailed Reports & Analytics

What you seek most often from an affiliate tracker is the affiliate performance reports. You will always need the performance reports to monitor your affiliates and partners on a regular basis. With these reports, you will be able to see which campaigns are good and profitable, and which campaigns are bad and not profitable. The more detailed the reports, the better it will be for your business, since a detailed report will give you a better picture about your affiliate business. The best affiliate tracking program will provide you with the most detailed reports for your affiliate’s performance.

Choosing the right affiliate tracking program for your business is perhaps a complicated process, but as long as you understand the characteristics of the best tracking software, it will become easier for you to pick between many available options.