What is Tripwire Marketing?


The term is used to define the act of turning a lead into a customer by means of a low risk, low cost and irresistible offer. Then hopefully up-selling the lead into your main sales funnel.

Traditionally, marketers would use a lead magnet to generate leads and then convert them to customers on the back end. What makes the tripwire method so attractive and distinctive is that it has the possibility to not only convert those leads into real customers, but to break even with your traffic numbers since you are converting them to income upfront.
This is an easy way to gain trust on the one hand and get your digital foot in the door with the lead on the other hand.

How it Works

Firts of all you should create powerfully compelling and high-quality offer. You need to be sure that even with your tripwire you are offering something of true value. It also needs to urge your customers to feel as if they would be missing out on something incredibly special if they should pass up your backend offer.

Where to Start

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  1. Begin with a lead magnet. Draw your customers’ attention with a free offer that leaves them hungry for more and thus eager to make that next step down your path. One of the most important things to remember is to offer up something that your whole market will find value in.
  2. Create your tripwire. Once you have them in your list, offer them that super cool, low-ticket item that they can’t resist. Make sure it actually matches their niche.
  3. Introduce buyers to your core product. The intention to every tripwire is to transform the lead into a full conversion for your main product. Many marketers don’t wait and choose to strike while the iron is hot by offering a deal on their main offer while the customer is purchasing the tripwire.

Remember, you don’t have to develop something special or original for your tripwire. You can simply take your main offer and break off a chunk that can be packaged up separately as an individual teaser product.